Photocentric Studio




Software Features

• Perpetual license which can be activated on 2 PCs

• Perpetual license which can be activated on 2 PCs

• Multiple option for support generation 

• High quality print surface finish

• Fast processing of large files. Suitable for all applications, from hobbyists to professionals

• Automatic software notifications• User interface modification

• Auto detect of critical areas for support generation

• Layers preview

• Integrated printer controller

• Slice Preview

• User friendly interface 

• Various control options of 3D models (such as orientation, scaling and copying)

• Enable to open stl, obj and p3d files.

• Enable to save in stl, cw and p3d formats.

• Extensive list of keyboard shortcuts to save time

• Anti-aliasing option

• Incorporated instruction guideline within software environment

• Advanced instructions provided in the software


Minimum PC Requirements:

• Windows 7, 8 or 10 

• Minimum 2.0 Ghz processor speed 2 cores. Recommended 4 cores 

• GPU capable of running opengl version 3.0 or higher

• .net framework version 4.0

• 64bit system: minimum 2 GB of RAM, recommended 4 GB

• 32bit system: minimum 1 GB of RAM, recommended 2 GB


    Download the latest version (Free tial version)

        Photocentric Studio User Manual




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